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      FEBRUARY 27, 2018

      Welcome to 2019 Marketing Benchmark Report.

      Research and Insights on marketing challenges, emerging trends, and effectiveness of marketing tactics.

      While creating this report we identified a number of increasingly important challenges to marketing community that ranged from generating traffic and high quality leads to competing across multiple media. We proceeded to conduct a comprehensive research to learn which marketing tactics would help overcome those challenges.
      This study also produced different benchmark data on marketing budgets, strategies, tactics and operations that we collected from marketers for marketers. We have 277 filled-out questionnaires and a lot to share with you.The number of filled-out surveys is considered to be statistically significant since all the trends were set after the first hundred of responses were collected, and no major qualitative changes were observed afterwards.
      The goal of this study is to arm marketers with actionable insights on what works, and what doesn’t work today.
      This benchmark report is packed with useful and actionable information including 90 charts and hundreds of insights from marketing executives employed by organizations varying in size and industry.
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      Yaroslav Stepanenko Co-founder, Growth Marketing Stage @Yaroslav_S
      Pavlo Pedenko Co-founder, Growth Marketing Stage @graver_ua 

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