The Growth Experiment Process workshop


      We invited Ferdinand Goetzen, Director of Growth at 3DHubs to teach you a growth experiment process. 
      A workshop for companies of all shapes and sizes on how to incorporate rapid experimentation into your growth.
      This is a practical workshop. 3 hours. 20 participants. Fundamental knowledge to boost your product team performance.  
      When: October 16th 2019, 12:00Where: Kyiv, Ukraine, Lift99 Kyiv Hub

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      Who should attend? 

      Practitioners who want to learn how to use experimentation to boost the results and the ROI of their marketing and growth efforts.

      Tech leaders and stakeholders who want to understand the value of data-driven experimentation.

      Anyone who wants to effectively incorporate data and testing into their work.

      What you will learn:

      • The key to prioritizing experiment ideas.

      • The importance of data-driven experiments in growth.

      • How to develop an experimentation process that works for you.

      • How to design and execute growth experiments.

      • Scaling successful experiments and how to fail forward.

      • Tools and tips for effective experimentation.

      About the host:


      Ferdinand Goetzen

      Director of Growth

      Over the past years, Ferdinand has worked with over 400 companies from Pipedrive to KLM, helping them implement mindset, processes and tactics for Growth.
      He was previously Lead Trainer at Growth Tribe.

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