Strategic and Tactical Mobile App Growth

We invited Vlad Laichici, Growth and Acquisition Manager from Pregnancy+ (acquired by Philips) to teach you his strategies, tactics and tricks that let him acquire millions of new users for mobile apps using Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Apple Search Ads. 
This workshop will guide you through the overall strategy, considerations and optimizations to grow your app for the future.
When: October 16th 2019, 10 AMWhere: Kyiv, Ukraine, Lift99 Kyiv Hub

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This workshop is for marketers who:

Want to set up, build or improve their mobile acquisition marketing strategy

Exploit paid marketing strategies to incrementally increase the number of app users

Need to know the possibilities that are available in 2019 within mobile app growth

Want to generate better results for their Facebook, Google Ads and Apple Search campaigns

What you will learn:

  • shopping and retail 02 SOLID

    The challenges, considerations and strength of paid mobile acquisition.

  • How to strategize and optimize campaigns across different platforms.

  • Use cases of optimizing your reporting and time.

  • Why attribution modeling is your friend and enemy.

About the host:


Vlad Laichici

Growth & Acquisition Manager
Pregnancy+ (Acquired by Philips)

Vlad is currently helping Pregnancy+ become #1 parenting platform by getting millions of new users to install and use their app.
He loves growth, designing experiments, running them, analyzing and improving marketing and product.
Vlad has a hands-on experience of acquiring millions of new users to the Pregnancy+ portfolio of apps.

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