Ideation for growth: how to generate growth hypotheses in the product funnel


      Hosted by Tanya Aulachynskaya, Head of Product, Growth at PandaDoc.
      When: October 16th 2019, 15:00Where: Kyiv, Ukraine, Lift99 Kyiv Hub

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      This workshop is for product managers who:

      ...are starting a growth team in their product

      ...want to start testing growth hypotheses quickly

      ...are looking for good examples on where to start with growth

      What you will learn:

      • How to build & analyze product funnel.

      • How to generate ideas for growth hypotheses.

      • What to expect from growth experimentation.

      About the host:


      Tanya Aulachynskaya

      Head of Product, Growth

      Over 8 years of product management experience. A big believer in a user-centered design, rapid iterative prototyping, experiments and always aim at growing the core product metrics.
      Tanya has a strong technical background, keeps an eye at the good design, loves data analysis.
      She is a fan of remote work. For the past 3 years Tanya has been helping distributed teams to achieve success together with better processes and tools.

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