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      Written by Yaroslav Stepanenko, @Yaroslav_S

      March 4, 2018

      Marketing challenges becoming more relevant to

      Hello Marketing People. We are super excited to share our learnings with you. We hope this content helps you grow faster, because we are on a mission to arm marketing executives with actionable insights on what works, and what doesn’t work today.

      One of the goals we had while working on 2019 Marketing Benchmark Report, was to identify marketing challenges that are becoming more relevant to organizations .
      So we asked this question: Which of the following marketing challenges are most relevant to your organization? (check all that apply).
      And then, we segmented this data by the organization size and industry sector. Below you learn the key results we achieved.
      1) The greatest marketing challenge is generating traffic and leads (72%), second and third are providing ROI of marketing activities (53%) and generating public relation buzz (38%).
      2) Competing across multiple media is has been defined as a relevant marketing challenge by 24% of organizations.
      3) Hiring: every fifth respondent said that finding a great talent is challenge.
      4) 19% of organizations said that managing 3-rd party agencies is a challenge for them. We have also analyzed what percentage of organizations are executing marketing tactics in-house, outsourcing to an agency or using a combination of in-house and agency time.
      5) Securing enough budget is a challenge for 14% of organizations.We have also created a separate paragraph that analyzes the following aspects of this topic: ● marketing budgets as a percentage of organizations’ revenue ● allocation of marketing budgets ● planned changes to marketing budget in the next year
      As a part of this study, we've analyzed how such marketing tactics as PPC, SEO, email, content and growth marketing help overcome those challenges, and whether old school tactics like TV, print advertising and event marketing are still important.
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      Marketing challenges becoming more relevant to

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