The How-To Workshop on Measuring Product-Market Fit

      Admission: free, RSVP required.


      About the workshop:

      If you google “product - market fit“, especially with “how-to”  in your search query, you will get hundreds of articles and advice on why it is important, and less about how to find it and hat is more - work with it.
      A lot of experts explain that product-market fit has to be found and validated/tested prior to actual product or feature development. But, there isn’t as much information on how to measure P-M fit when you have a product already.
      Yaroslav Stepanenko, PM for Growth at and Pavlo Pedenko, Growth Manager at Preply will walk you through a simple yet effective process for measuring product/market fit quantitatively.

      What will you learn:

      ● Sean Ellis’ Product Market Fit survey (examples from, Superhuman, Slack etc.)● How to measure the Product-Market Fit of your product or feature● How to understand your loyal customers

      Who Should Attend:

      Product/marketing managers, product leaders. We welcome participants at any level of experience with both product management and product marketing.
      This interactive workshop will be filled with practical exercises, real-life examples, and case studies. After the workshop, you’ll be armed with pragmatic advice and tools you can put to work to promote your product/app.

      Thank you!

      See you at the workshop!

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