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  • Content Marketing Strategy for Startupsby Alex Birkett, Growth Marketing Manager at HubSpot

    It's a workshop on how to construct a content strategy if you're a startup. 
    Who should attend? People should attend if they have tinkered with content in the past but would like to get better, more consistent results. They should have some basic understanding of what content marketing is, as it won't be a beginner's class. 
    What will attendees learn?
    How to build robust user personas, do SEO keyword research, map that research onto the buyer's journey, and construct a content roadmap for each quarter.
    We'll also cover "content economics" and how to determine how much cost/effort is required to successfully rank a piece of content in search engines. This then allows you to plan out your content for the quarter, along with associated costs.

  • Customer Interview Bootcampby David Peter Simon, Senior Research at Dropbox

    It's a workshop for growth professionals who want to pair analytics with human intelligence to understand and solve business problems.It is about user / customer interviews and their place in the Growth development cycle.
    Who should attend? Business people (marketers and product managers) who are excited to improve the way they ask questions with little to no interview experience. Designers who are familiar with user research but have never formally studied interviews and want to level up. Developers who want to bring a human lens to their technical expertise.
    What will attendees learn? How plan and structure interview studies. Tools to conduct interviews and synthesize learnings - Resources regarding where to learn more.

-2 Workshops-